Donate Goods

You can help Manna by donating gifts of food, clothes and other items.



11415616_10205746278309599_536519841093548350_oApproximately 90% of our foodstuffs are donated. The items we use most frequently are sugar, powdered milk and tinned tomatoes.

See below for items we are always in need of ...


Clothing and Other Essential Items

Clothes Store Manna Centre  by Tricia de Courcy Ling-42As approximately 90% of our users are men we are always happy to receive men’s clothing. The items we always need are men’s underwear, socks, jeans and shoes.

Other essential items which we need a constant supply of are tea mugs,  blankets and sleeping bags.

            See below for items we are always in need of …

Items we are in need of between June & September 2017:

Fish (Tinned Underwear
Sugar Jeans
Beans (Tinned) Socks
Tinned ham Trainers
Tomatoes (Tinned) Trousers
Vegetables (Tinned  
Coffee Sleeping bags
 Tinned meat (for soup)  Books
Corned beef  
 Spaghetti  TOILETRIES 
   Disposable razors

Domestic Furniture (2nd hand)

We are always happy to to take all items of domestic furniture to pass on to those who have recently moved into independent accommodation or for those who cannot afford to replace their old furniture.

We are always grateful for donations of furniture and we are happy to collect.

Can you display our furniture poster?


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