Housing & Welfare Advice

What the housing & welfare advice service did in 2015-16

  • 1,351 clients seen

This year we saw 1,351 clients = a slight drop on the previous fiscal year but the reasons for this slight drop are easily explained. More and more housing providers in particular are asking for greater levels of information and we feel it is our responsibility to make sure that we support both our clients and our providers with information that will ensure that our client get the best option available.

  • 4,287 consultations given

4,287 consultations with clients were offered by the Advice and Welfare team. In the current climate of benefit changes and particularly with the introduction of Universal Credit – a benefit which largely relies on client’s ability to manage it using digital means, this needs greater levels of input and explanation from the Advice & Welfare team. Many of our clients are still becoming accustomed to this requirement and it is fortunate that our Education & Training service is now operational five days a week allowing our clients to gain expertise and a greater level of empowerment in management of their own affairs.

  • 288 clients found accommodation

Overall some 516 clients approached our team for housing. We were able to place 56% of these clients in housing of some kind. Again, we need to reflect on the current climate. For our European clients, to be entitled to housing benefit support, they must be earning above £155 per week continuously for a period of 3 months. In addition we work with clients who at this point in time do not have a recognised status in the UK. The team works with immigration services to help such clients understand the options open to them and to make the right decision for them


Click here for a fuller report of what our H & W advice service did in 15-16.

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