Harvest Festival list 2020

From 2nd July we began offering takeaway meals. We are now providing 130 meals per day (7 days a week). These are takeaway meals with no clients coming into the centre itself. As our meals are takeaway only for the time being we have reduced the number of items on our Harvest Festival list. We do not need some of old familiar items such as tea, coffee and cereals for example. 

That said, Harvest Festival donations are still of critical importance to us. They provide us with approx. 70% of our foodstuffs for the year. The food that we receive will be stored and used throughout the year. 

Please click here for a list of our most needed items. Please copy and display as required. If you could arrange delivery of your Harvest gifts that would be ideal. Our delivery address is: 12 Melior Street, SE1 3QP. If it is not possible to deliver we will be happy to collect. 

To arrange a collection please ring me on 020 7357 9363 and choose option 3 (Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 4.00pm) or email mail@mannasociety.org.uk

If you would like someone to speak to your congregation about the work of the Manna Centre please phone Bandi (the Manna Centre Director) on 020 7403 0441 and choose option 4.

Hoping you can support us 🙂

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