Donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchases at no extra cost to yourself!

Would you like Amazon to donate 0.5% (net purchase) of what you buy on Amazon to The Manna Society at no extra cost to yourself?

You can do so by:

  • Signing into your Amazon account via (not
  • Under ‘Or pick your own charitable organisation:’ enter “Manna Society” and click ‘search’
  • Click ‘Select’

Amazon will give us 0.5% of all the items you buy on at no extra cost to yourself.


Appeal for Oyster cards

Any old Oyster cards lying around unused? Now that we’ve all gone contactless there must be lots of old Oyster cards looking for a new home. Some of our clients need an Oyster card in order to get to a hostel or to a job. It costs us £5 per card (as they come with a refundable £5 deposit). Last year (17-18) we helped over 50 clients with travel fares. If you have any spare Oyster cards we would be happy to take them.