Housing & Welfare Advice

A summary of what the Housing & Welfare advice service did in 2017-2018

We now have approximately 7,500 clients on our database, having added 470 new clients in the last year.  We saw 1,249 clients in total last year.

Who came to see us?

Predominately our clients were male – in fact, they comprised 85% of all clients seen and this is a similar picture to previous years. In terms of age, we are seeing more people in the older age groups with nearly 45% being in the 46+ age group.

Our H&W clients come from all communities – the largest single being clients of African heritage, accounting for 33%, followed by “White-Other” clients (mainly from Europe) – 31% and then White British clients – 14%.

Why did they come to see us?

Overall, 34% of clients approached the service for housing assistance.

Apart from housing, people also came seeking help with benefits, employment, maximising income such as getting grants or maximising benefits,  Housing Benefit and identity.

How have we helped those who needed housing?

Looking at placements made in the month of registration, these remained pretty steady at 34% in FY 16/17 and 34% in this current year. Over the year, we have placed 59% in some form of accommodation with the largest percentages being those in hostels – 17%, followed by night shelters 18.7% and private rented at 17%.

Click here for a fuller report of what our H & W advice service did in 17-18.

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