Survey of Centre Users – November 2008

We carry out a survey of Centre users every 6 months or so. We surveyed our users on a Sunday – when 192 people visited the Centre. This survey will show more people than those who use our Housing and Welfare services, as not all Centre users make use of the Advice service. 184 of the users were male and 8 female – a much lower female percentage than than usual and than of Welfare service users. Housing Status 60% (117 people) are sleeping rough – and only 20% have stable accommodation. A much higher percentage are sleeping rough, or are in poor accommodation, compared to March 2008.

Housing status November 2008

Ethnic origin

Ethnic origin November 2008

EU 10 nationals

Most EU 10 nationals are from Poland, Lithuania and Romania. Almost all are sleeping rough; a few are living in squats.

EU 10 November 2008

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